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Price is the main reason. Click to find out more. Everything is laid out logically, accessing the CPU settings is easy and the memory settings also have their own sections. Lets see if that holds out. It’s just a shame about the overall performance. Also on the motherboard is the ASUS custom chip used by their hardware system monitoring option.

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The Pentium 4 Goes Mainstream

One very nice added feature is the standard 4-pin power connector built onto the motherboard. Oh look, the P4B has been announced: The ATX12 connector is underneath the socket enclosure to the left of the AGP slot and is the standard 2×2 connector that Intel defined in asus p4b spec. How ashs performance users judge asus p4b i systems? Just a quick glance at the following Asus p4b bench results tells you that everything is asuw spec and running fine.

With the adjustable Vdimm up to 3. Therefore, with a little bit of ingenuity, there is nothing stopping you recording your asus p4b vocal POST messages.

ASUS P4B i Motherboard Review

More on that shortly. It was designed purely to drive the P4 into machines worldwide on cost grounds. Quite asus p4b few choices for the P4 buying public.

The system proceeded to boot perfectly. I was surprised it made it pastit just didn’t want to boot at 17 x at all. Very painless and nothing non asus p4b or difficult.

Intel would love to achieve a greater market share with the Pentium 4 and the i lets asus p4b do that. Chipset Features Before we see what Asus have done p4h the platform, lets take a look at the chipset itself. By default the board ships in JumperFree mode however it can be disabled for a more hands on jumper and DIP adjustment method if you asus p4b desire.

P4B | ASUS Global

The rest of the layout is standard. All sensibly placed and marked out in the manual. The i is the only SDR choice asus p4b the moment and asus p4b are quite popular and it’s an i board that Aaus have given us in the P4B.

Price asus p4b the main reason. Manufacturers can create solutions based on the chipset without worrying about the high resulting price tag.

They want a Pentium 4 on every desk and in every home and quite rightly so.

Lets see if that holds out. This asus p4b you to get asus p4b with not needing a proper P4 compatible PSU for that connector and just use a spare molex.

It was 16 x that I tried initially.

PC SDRAM is also cheap allowing you to stuff asus p4b system full of memory chipset maximum is 3Gb asus p4b little outlay although qsus are on the up from this years all time lows! Both readers are separate options. The chipset is available very cheaply in volume from Intel. How a Computer Restarts. The means all P4 Asus p4b sinks are guaranteed to always fit so there will be no questions like on some AMD boards when using 80mm sinks like the Alpha and Swiftech’s famous MC range.

Layout and bundle are both fine with no problems at all.

Being an engineering sample with a full choice asus p4b any multiplier, what better to test out the overclocking possibilities of the board.

However if you look at the chipset in the way that Intel did when it p4h it, you begin to see the point. Overall, it’s a fine implementation of i asus p4b it was nice working with it.

Lastly in the layout, dotted around the board Installation was painless.