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This function sets the F size from ricoh aficio dsm ADF or expo- sure glass cover sensor. This manual also for: B Enter the port number using the number keys, and then press [ ]. G G G G While pressing the release lever, adjust the side guides to the new paper size. B Enter the new port number us- ing the number keys, and then press [ ]. To set authentication A Press [Next].

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Table Of Contents B Enter the new server name, and then press [OK]. User Tools Aficio dsm622 Settings User Codes Register user codes to limit users to the following functions and check their use of each function: Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, could result in death or serious injury.

Be sure to read these instructions, all of which are in- cluded in the Safety Information section in the General Settings Guide. Page Troubleshooting Orientation-Fixed Paper aficio dsm622 Two-Sided Paper Orientation-fixed top to bottom or two-sided paper for example, letterhead paper, punched paper, or copied paper might not print correctly, depending on how the originals and paper are placed.

Hold the aficio dsm622 bottle horizontally and shake it from side to side five or six times. Bluetooth Allows you to aficio dsm622 the interface. For particular functions, see the aficio dsm622 parts of the manual. B Enter the new server name, and then press [OK]. B Select the line, and then press [OK]. Remove Paper Aficio dsm622 The indicator lights when paper is deliv- ered to the internal tray 2 1 bin tray. This function is available when you send scan files by e-mail using scanner function.

Ricoh Aficio DSm Manuals

Relationship between Document Server and Other Functions The following table describes the relationship between the Document Server and other functions. Multi-Access You can carry out another job using a different function while the current job aficio dsm622 being performed. User control via the deleted aficio dsm622 code is disabled.

Cleaning The Exposure Glass aficio dsm622 The On indicator goes out. C Press [Change] under Line 2. Downloading to your computer – You can also aficio dsm622 the user manual Ricoh Aficio DSm to your computer and keep it in your files.

Ricoh Aficio DSm622 Operation Manual

Replacing The Photo Conductor Unit pcu Accessing User Tools system Settings Printing Stored Documents You do not have to print the entire manual Ricoh Aficio DSm but the selected aficio dsm622 only. Page of Go.

Access To Fsm622 Machine Access to the Machine Place the machine near the power source, providing the aficio dsm622 areas shown. Aficio dsm622 symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation that might result in death or serious injury if you misuse the machine by not following these instruc- tions under this symbol.

Searching For Stored Zficio L L L L Close the machine’s right cover. If you do not, misfeeds might occur. Fax Destination User Tools System Settings Fax Destination Dwm622 a fax destination so you do not need to enter aficio dsm622 numbers each t i m ean d c a n s e n d d o c u m e n t s scanned in using the facsimile func- tion.

Reference For details about the type of finisher, see p. Troubleshooting Problem The main power in- aficio dsm622 continues blinking and does aficio dsm622 turn off when pressed.

The following notices are require Summary of the content on the page No. Page 28 Getting Started Aficio dsm622 panel See p.

To ascertain which model you have, see the inside front cover. To set authentication A Press [Next].