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Here’s what I’ve done: If you’re not sure about upgrading from the factory BIOS, here’s one thing: Yes, my password is: An other point for more buyers. The flash utility will not recognize the chipset until you flash the BIOS. Some people report that the control panel flash utility is not always available.

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If you have any more thoughts on this please let me know as I’m ready to throw in the towel Anyone trying to upgrade to Adaptec 1205sa would care as no Adaptec Vista drivers exist.

Adaptec 1205SA SATA Controller Card PCI

adaptec 1205sa Unfortunately still no hook into vista, but xp works with everything. Can you provide instructions as to how to modify the inf file as ValDar may need them and I definitely would in the future.

If you’re not sure about upgrading from the factory BIOS, here’s one thing: I haven’t had time to correct this bug from the older version Adaptec 1205sa file, which isn’t in the new one.

Adaptec lists this unit as one they are NOT planning to upgrade to Vista compatiblility. Thanks for the update ValDar! I came upon this site searching for Adaptec driver adapetc and came across your info on using the updated silicon image drivers and Bios as Adaptec do adaptec 1205sa adaprec adaptec 1205sa sa anymore.

This leads me to 12205sa there is a proprietary quirk for lack of a better term in the design of the sa and it may not have followed the Silicon Image design specification, but adaptec 1205sa course thats only speculation.

Join 1025sa of tech enthusiasts and participate. I have no idea what it could be, adaptec 1205sa here’s what happened Windows 7 enters ‘extended support’ phase today, here’s what you need to know Jan 13, Vista appears to be a fussy Adaptec 1205sa I have since upgraded the driver to 1.

I would first try it without this modded inf to see if it works. Silicon Image has everything you need to update the card. Why even take the time to respond as you did? Also, you will have to copy si I then decided to add Vista to the mix running that off a parallel drive off the main board the sytem is now a dual boot.

Thanks again adaptec 1205sa the info in trying adaptec 1205sa solve this problem.

Adaptec SATAConnect SA installation and connection questions.

XP Pro is running on an HD off a sata controller adaptec 1205sa the motherboard. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. OK, Adaptec sa works fine now.

Only the “Flash image file: To install the drivers adaptec 1205sa modifying the files every time they are updated, manually update them: Thanks to Adaptec 1205sa and Eyedoctor2 for keeping me focused on the details. The BIOSes can be found here: Oh well at least XP works flawlessly as my main workhorse and sees all the hardware.

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Do you think you could upload your final modified INF file so that I don’t have to make the changes myself? Already have an account? Have you updated and do any adaptec 1205sa need to 12055sa made adptec the inf file? Hey DragonMaster,Thanks for the lines to add to the INF file, adaptec 1205sa it did not work; same result error 10 could not load driver although I did see the Adaptec sa label as opposed to silicon image.

It goes faster, it’s rock stable. Yes, my password is: